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Our products are made for consumers on the following domains: household, tool machines, technology power calculation, naval and railway transportation.

The integration rate of fabrication is high, the majority of the datum marker from the products components are made inside the companies work-rooms.

The mechanical working workshop assures the execution of a various area of complex products having in dotation automatic lathes, units of punching, bended, drilled and threaded, mechanical pieces with auto-feeds, one machine made for execution electrical contacts, inclusively the electrical contacts from plated cooper with silver, etc...

The toolmaker's shop assures with simple and complex casts, devices and checkers, the whole process of production as well as the export of casts. The dimensional accuracies enforced to those SDV’s is achieved on drillers coordinate in, units of remaking through erosion, floodlights of profiles, cutter with contouring control system, etc…

Inside the plastics workshop is executed diverse marks from thermoplastic and thermosettings matherials on scatters and injector machines.

The flow sheet respect rigorous the thermic treatments, the cover protection enforced to the marks, made in the galvanization workshop and dye-works, paint in the electrostatic field.

The specialists preoccupations from the frame of the projection workshops is focused on the assimilation of new products, utilization on the large scale computer-aided projection perfecting of the manufactural technologies and of s modern technologists utilization.

From strategic viewpoint, S.C. Relee S.A. will develop products from the topical making profile in the sight of the growth of the digit of business to export, this being correlate with politic in the quality area according with the market requirements.

This interest enforced the authentification of the quality system, initially after SR EN ISO 9001 standard: 1995, then starting with 2003 S.C. Relee S.A. certificate the quality management system after SR EN ISO 9001/2001 standard, its mantain and improvement making a permanent preoccupation of all employees.

The management of the highest level composed an united team, with one objective who mantain and improve the competitive system of breed the satisfaction of the customers requirements to the curty value.

All the actions (shares) undertaked of our society have the aim favourably premise for the crossing to the management concept with total quality.

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