The portal is a modern instrument in achieving one of the most important objectives of S.C. RELEE SA, which is raising clients' satisfaction regarding the products and services offered.

Our partners have now an on-line instrument from where they can obtain the information they want and can communicate with S.C. RELEE SA.

The companies or the legal entities that activate in the electric installation area (field) are able to use this portal in order to learn the news regarding the products and services offered by S.C. RELEE SA and to find out about the near place of supply.

And last but not least, the legal entities will gain access to the entire range of products of S.C. RELEE SA and they can learn information regarding the most near places where these products are sold.

On the Count Section, the clients account in the main menu offers the possibility to be permanently informed about the prices, the new products, on-line orders or the possibility to become supplier to S.C. RELEE. SA.

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