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SC Relee SA - a company from de electrotechnical-electronic industry , situated on Medias town, join the industrial town scape, extremely diversified . In the industrial context of Medias, the company have one entire staff with excellent skills.

Since 1954, when all begun as a small producer in electrical fields of activities, during the years and increases, until 1979, when the company became “Relee Enterprise” from Medias, we develop a low voltage apparatus range of products, producing electrical relays for industrial automatization and then electrical fractional-horsepower motor, switches, sockets, plugs, electrical cords, extension cords with multiple outlets, etc.

In 1991 our company became a joint-stock company , and since 1995 it is a privy company. (In accordance with the Law 55/1995)

Right now, the entire equity is privy.

Starting with


, moreover then existing products (intermediary relays, sockets for relays, alarm relays of grid potential, fractional-horsepower motor, switchboards, driving magnets, etc..) Increase the producing of:

  • Switches and apparatus switches for household or equivalent products
  • Switches for fixed lighting systems for household or equivalent interests
  • Sockets and plugs for household or equivalent interests
  • Electrical apparatus for household or equivalent interests
  • Accessories for lighting systems
  • Sockets with Edison filet for electrical lamps
  • doses
  • Lamps (beside table lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamps , desk lamps, exterior lamps
  • Different consumer goods.
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